Enlighten the boundless world
with our connection.

The light born here
will enlighten over the eternity future.


Connecting people, creating future.

Our daily lives have been greatly impacted by the rapid spread of Internet technology, which has connected people and things from different places together.
Consequently, that "Interconnected" world will continue henceforward and become more necessary to our everyday life.
In this constantly changing world, we remain committed to building wires (Harness), responding to ideas (EMS), and turning everyone's desires into shape (Trading) steadily and unwaveringly.



The services we deliver

  • ワイヤーの画像

    Wire Harness Assembly Business

    Based on our extensive experience, we have earned the trust of numerous customers in handling wiring harnesses for automobiles (cars and motorbikes), industrial vehicles (forklifts), and home appliances. Furthermore, we welcome to accommodate small lots orders!

  • EMS事業

    EMS Business

    We have a wide range of product delivery records, including for various types of vehicles (cars, large trucks, trains) and housing equipment. Currently, we receive orders for both "Board mounting" and "Unit assembly." Our expertise extends to handling High Density Mounting products!

  • 総合商社の画像

    General Trading Business

    In addition to electrical parts and electronic equipment, we will respond to your all-around "concerns". As we provide many routes to obtain high-quality products with reasonable prices from Southeast Asia to East Asia, so you will definitely find what you "want"!


Providing optimal schemes
in East Asia and Southeast Asia

Our headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Additionally, we have 3 production plants in Thailand, a production plant in neighboring Cambodia, and a sales company in Guangdong Province in China.
Our locations establish an environment that empowers us to offer the most beneficial scheme to our customers for individual projects, thus allowing us to support both local production for local consumption and the right crop in the right place.



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